Refund Policy

Thank you for subscribing to our lottery syndicate membership. If, for any reason, you think you are eligible for a refund, please read our Refund Policy below.

You have the right to receive a refund in the following cases:

  • if you requested a cancellation of your subscription within the 14-day cooling off period or within your 14-day termination deadline but your request was not correctly processed and you were charged;
  • if you requested a downgrade to a less expensive subscription but this request was not correctly processed and you were either still charged for the original more expensive product or for both products;
  • if you have requested a cancellation on your last day of the 14-day cooling off period and this day coincides with the date YLS starts debiting its customers for the monthly subscriptions and as a consequence you were debited;
  • if you never received your Order Confirmation together with our Terms & Conditions due to an incorrect or incomplete address in our system, making it undeliverable;
  • if we are informed either by yourself or a relative/carer/power of attorney that you are deemed as vulnerable due to proven health issues.

As a general rule, refunds will be processed using the same payment details provided during registration, unless these are no longer valid and need to be updated. Debit card refunds are credited on the same day of processing, BACS refunds need three working days to be credited on customer’s bank account from the day of processing the request.

In addition to the above, our Customer Service will always engage and interact with you to come to a satisfactory conclusion on any topics you might have. This means that a refund for a customer might be processed based on a business topic not listed above.

Refund requests can be made by contacting Customer Service at , or calling 020 3695 6222 during office hours.

June, 2024

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