About us

All they want to do is play. Exactly that! It is the perpetual game of luck and chance that inspires and drives us at Yourlottoservice UK Ltd. Just like you. Who wouldn’t want that little extra for a vacation or a special purchase, who wouldn’t want the grand prize that would completely relieve us of our everyday financial thoughts?

In everyday life, we see more and more people in search of their fortunes who rely only on themselves. We at Yourlottoservice UK Ltd. see things differently. We place our faith in the community: anyone who plays with us is part of a lottery syndicate that multiplies your chances of winning. We’ll explain how this works in just a minute.

Lotteries and charitable donations

Yourlottoservice UK Ltd. has also made the deliberate decision to offer you, our customers, two lotteries: the UK EuroMillions and the UK National Lottery, which, with hundreds of number series, provide enormous chances of winning millions, including one of the largest jackpots in Europe! Our main product, however, remains “in-house”: the UK National Lottery, whose importance and commitment to social action is known far beyond Britain’s borders.

We take care of the organisation – you play

Our model has been working since our launch in 2017, its principle is as simple as it is successful: we have the right lotteries and we take care of you from ticket purchase to pay-outs, which are monitored by an independent auditor.

You, our customer, play in syndicates whose principle is sharing and profiting. In the lottery, a syndicate is a community of players who play together – and are many times more likely to win than an individual player: the more tickets purchased, the greater the chance of a winner. The more participants play, the lower the stakes. The guaranteed “take-home” effect of the community experience favoured by Yourlottoservice UK Ltd. is quite simply the fun of looking forward to winning with your friends, family, colleagues or “the others”.

Yourlottoservice – firmly anchored in Great Britain

We are exclusively local for you: all our call centres, all our customers’ points of contact are based in the UK.

Do you still have any questions that you cannot find an answer to on our website (by the way: this is where you can find our FAQs) or is there something that you are not sure about? Please feel free to give us a ring at any time; we will be happy to assist you with our know-how in any way we can!

Your data in safe hands

The security of your data is guaranteed in the best possible way with us, because we don’t accept online bookings – you join our communities by phone, which means that even the most creative online scammers don’t have a chance.

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