Have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions, maybe they will help answering your request. If not, please feel free to contact us.

Yes, absolutely. Upon calling, ten free lines are granted, without any prerequisites and at no cost, exactly as advertised.

The 10 Free Lines will be with LOTTO, the UK National Lottery. Professional Syndicates are a combination of a greater part UK National Lottery and a smaller part UK EuroMillions. Occasionally we also offer free syndicate participation in the big Spanish El Gordo Lottery. However, that’s not a regular offer, for more details please check out this article here.

We need to ensure that you are 18 or older due to legal obligations, since lottery participation is not allowed for minors.

We need to ensure that you are 18 or older due to legal obligations, since lottery participation is not allowed for minors. This we can only check and confirm based on your full name, address and date of birth information. Additionally, in case of personal winnings for you exceeding £2.00, we need to be able to contact you in order to pay the winnings to your account.

We will at no time debit you if you obtained “Free Lines only” from us. And, of course, we will not ask for any payment details in the registration process.

If you are a customer with a professional syndicate, we will debit your bank account or your payment card approximately on the 16th of the month following the month of registration. If a debit fails, we will try again approximately on the 5th at the beginning of the subsequent month.

No, unfortunately not. In order not to waste player’s money on manual transactions our processes are optimised for automated direct debit and card payments, hence we do not support cheque payments or bank transfers.

No, unfortunately not. All players get their monthly overview of numbers and participate with these numbers in all draws of a month. Therefore, our processes are optimised for the monthly setup and play and we do not cater for a weekly setup.

At Yourlottoservice we have a dedicated Customer Service team, who will gladly help you shall you have any questions, suggestions or wishes. We aim to answer your request within 24 Hours on workdays.

Please use these details when contacting us:

Yourlottoservice UK Ltd.
Long Acre Barn
Pury Hill Business Park
Near Alderton
NN12 7LS
United Kingdom

Email: info@yourlottoservice.co.uk

Please do not hesitate to call us on 020 3695 6222, Monday-Friday from 9 am to 6 pm. 

You may also receive Customer Service calls from 07417 990517.

Your winnings balance will be paid to your bank account or payment card approximately on the 4th of each month in case it exceeds £2.00. If your balance is below £2.00, we store your winnings and accumulate them with later winnings.

For the National Lottery free lines offer, there are 50 players in one syndicate, playing a total of 10 lines.
For the professional syndicates (National Lottery and EuroMillions) this is a combination of various pools,
starting from 20 players per pool.

Yes, your numbers are fixed for one month. Prior to the beginning of each month you will receive the set of numbers you will be playing that month.

Since all participations are based on syndicates, we do not offer the option for you to play your own numbers. Be ensured that our systems provide you with the best possible number combinations.

The drawing dates for the lotteries you can play with us are:

UK National Lottery: every Wednesday and Saturday
UK EuroMillions: every Tuesday and Friday.

After the initial 3 months play period you can cancel on a monthly basis. For that we require 14 days notice prior to the next month of play (i.e. before month end). You can cancel by phone to our customer service team, by email or letter. We also offer a cancellation form on our homepage, please check out our Cancellation Policy for this.

Yes, whenever Lotto has a rolldown, while you participate in a lottery syndicate of Yourlottoservice, prizes deriving from such rolldowns will be allocated to your customer account, just as any other prizes, and paid out if the cumulative winnings exceed £2.00. For further information on lottery rolldowns check out this article here.