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The top benefits of a lottery syndicate

We at Yourlottoservice UK Ltd. have good reasons why we rely entirely on the principle of a lottery syndicate for you, our customers. Do these reasons make sense? You be the judge!

The only question you need to answer is which playing style best suits your personal preference: every man for himself or all for one?

If you play alone, you probably have your sights set on winning a huge jackpot all to yourself. But then again, you also run the risk of not winning anything at all.

If you play in a group, you are more likely to have a better chance of winning a fat prize without having to bear the risk – and the risk of losing is part of every game – on your own.

Benefit 1: Your chances increase automatically

A lottery syndicate is a group of players who play the lottery together – and are more likely to win than a single player. That’s because the more tickets that are bought, the greater the chance of winning.

Benefit 2: You can play more often – for the same money

It’s logical: the more players there are in the group, the cheaper the stake becomes. As a result, if you plan on investing a fixed amount of money, for example, you can play and win much more often for the same amount of money over the course of a year.

That’s why a lottery syndicate, such as the one offered by Yourlottoservice UK Ltd, is the ideal solution for anyone who uses a systematic approach to playing the lottery. With discipline and taking only as much of a risk as it suits you.

Benefit 3: Our big lotteries mean that you can win big

Don’t worry about ending up with the small fry – even if the winnings are divided amongst all the players. The huge pools in the UK National Lottery and from the UK EuroMillions are so big that you can look forward to collecting a substantial share if you win.

Benefit 4: A professionally managed lottery community does everything for you

And if you want to play in a community but don’t know the right people or would rather not try something new with family, friends or colleagues? Then call us and join a professionally managed syndicate like Yourlottoservice. This is where you’ll play with people you’ll never meet in real life. But with the assurance that a company is managing everything fairly.

By the way: keeping your data secure is one of our highest priorities – and because you take care of everything over the phone, online crooks don’t have a chance!

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