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Can Non-Spaniards Play El Gordo Lottery?

The Spanish Christmas lottery El Gordo (Loteria de Navidad) is one of the most highly anticipated events in the European Lottery calendar. If you want to take part in this lottery but are not based in Spain then you need not worry. Foreigners and resident Spaniards alike can buy tickets for this event. What is […]

Is Playing Lotto in Syndicates a Good Idea?

When choosing to play the lottery, you are often presented with the choice of playing on your own or joining a syndicate. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but are you more likely to win in a syndicate? Let’s take a closer look. Not Guaranteed – But Still Good Let’s get one thing straight first; […]

What is a Lotto Syndicate and Should You Join One?

Playing the lottery is a great way to give something back to the wider community while potentially landing an amazing win. Lottery revenue is used to fund projects across the country, and we use more services that benefit from the Lottery than we might think. Joining a lotto syndicate can be a great way to […]

Should You Set Up a Lotto Syndicate at Work?

A lotto syndicate can work well in the workplace, but there are some considerations that still need to be made. Read more about a workplace lotto syndicate here. Choosing to set up a lottery syndicate in your place of employment can be a great idea. It is simple to arrange, costs less than if you […]

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