Terms & Conditions

1. Important

  1. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. These Terms and Conditions govern your use of the Services.
  2. These Terms and Conditions are provided to you together with your Order Confirmation and are also made available via our website at www.yourlottoservice.co.uk.
  3. We remind you that you are entitled to a 14 days cooling-off period immediately following the confirmation of your order, during which you can cancel your order for any reason and get your money back.
  4. If you do not cancel your order within this 14-days period time frame, you accept that these Terms and Conditions will apply. Any use by you of our Services will be governed by these Terms and Conditions.
  5. If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions, you must not use the Services.
  6. We reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at our discretion from time to time.
    We will bring material changes to these Terms and Conditions to your attention.

2. Definitions

  1. In these Terms and Conditions, unless stated otherwise, the words and expressions set out below shall have the following meanings:
    “Company”, “us”, “we” means YOURLOTTOSERVICE UK LIMITED and references to “our” shall be interpreted accordingly.
    “Draw” means a draw in the Underlying Lottery;
    “Fee” means the sum of money, which you are required to pay to participate in a Syndicate;
    “Free Lines Offer” means a promotional offer to participate (once only) in a Syndicate in respect of one UK National Lottery Draw without charge;
    “Member” means a customer who has been accepted by us for membership of a Syndicate and whose membership has not been terminated or suspended by us;
    “Order Confirmation” means the letter sent by us to you confirming the contract entered into between you and us by telephone (and sent to you following the telephone conversation). If you only enter the Free Lines Offer and do not subscribe to join a Syndicate, the Order Confirmation confirms your participation in the Free Lines Offer;
    “Player’s Account” means the customer account saved in our system, where we hold customers’ details including (but not limited to) Syndicate participations, Winnings, subscriptions and numbers played or to be played;
    “Prize” means the prize (normally in the form of money) paid out by the Underlying Lottery Operator for a winning ticket in the Underlying Lottery, according to the Prize Category of that ticket
    “Prize [Category]” means the value of prize or pay-out in the Underlying Lottery Draw deriving from the amount of numbers correctly matched (including the so called „Super Numbers“ or “Bonus numbers” as defined in the relevant Underlying Lottery) in the relevant Draw, according to the official rules of the Underlying Lottery;
    “Registration” means the process of registering to become a customer so that you can use the Services;
    “Services” means the organisation by us of lottery Syndicates;
    “Syndicate” means a group of Members participating in Draws together as part of a group specifically identified by a unique identification number allocated by us to the Syndicate and in respect of which Members pay agreed contributions by way of Fees and in respect of which shares of Winnings shall be distributed to Members in accordance with these Terms and Conditions;
    “Syndicate Organiser” means a representative of the Company who is a Member of a Syndicate;
    “Super Number” or Bonus Number” means (under the rules of the Underlying Lottery Draw) that number which, when matched in combination with other numbers, increases the pay-out for that Prize Category or defines a new specific Prize Category;
    “Winnings” mean any monies won by a Syndicate in any Draw;
    “Underlying Lottery” means the Lottery in respect of which any Lottery Syndicate holds a Ticket;
    “Underlying Lottery Operator” means the organiser(s) of the Underlying Lottery;

3. How the contract is formed between you and us

  1. In order to participate in a Syndicate and take advantage of the Services, you must register to become a Member by contacting our call centre and completing the Registration process.
  2. During Registration, you will be required to provide the following information: your name, postal
    address, email address, date of birth, gender, phone number, details of payment card or bank account number satisfactory to us, and such other information and documentation (such as forms of identification) as we may request. Please note that all calls with our call centre are recorded.
  3. Underage gambling is an offence. We reserve the right to undertake certain checks on you, including verifying your age and identity and we may also undertake credit checks. We reserve the right to use appropriate third party service providers to undertake such checks, and where we do so you agree that we may share your personal data with them, to the extent that it is necessary for the purposes of the check.
  4. We reserve the right to withhold payment of any monies to you pending satisfactory age or identity verification.
  5. You agree to:
    i. provide all information requested by our call centre operators during the Registration process;
    ii. ensure that the information provided is accurate and complete;
    iii. provide copies of any documents (such as your passport) which we reasonably require to
    ensure that your age and identity are verified to our satisfaction; and
    iv. immediately inform us of any subsequent change to the information supplied by you during Registration, including changes to credit card/bank account data.
  6. We do not accept any responsibility for any failure or inability to pay any monies to you if the
    information supplied by you required for such delivery is incorrect, incomplete or out of date.
  7. It is your responsibility to ensure that at all times you comply with all laws and regulations in any
    jurisdiction where you are located or resident.
  8. By applying for membership, you warrant that:
    i. you are legally capable of entering into binding contracts;
    ii. you are at least 18 years old;
    iii. you are not a resident of the United States of America and of Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) or located in any country in which you are not permitted to participate in remote gambling of the nature contemplated by our Services;
    iv. you do not make a living out of gambling, gaming, or betting;
    v. you acknowledge that by paying Fees to participate as a Member of Syndicates is no guarantee of winning any monies in Draws.

4. Management of Syndicates

  1. By subscribing to be a Member of a Lottery Syndicate in respect of the UK National Lottery and EuroMillions you will not own any specific Lottery ticket or line purchased by the Syndicate.
  2. Each Syndicate will have a specific number of Members specified at the time the Syndicate is created. Each subscription to the Syndicate equates to one „share“ in the Syndicate. Typically, every Syndicate Members will hold one share, although it is possible for Members to purchase more than one share.
  3. Your share of any Winnings or Prizes won by a Syndicate will depend on the number of shares you hold in it. We may determine that Syndicates may involve different numbers of Members. Example: if a Syndicate has 50 Members and you hold one share, you will be entitled to 1/50 of any Winnings won by the Syndicate.
  4. Approximately 3 days before the end of each month you will receive by post a statement containing details of winnings won by your Syndicate in the past month and a preview of the lines to be played the next month. Please note that the information concerning the final Draw(s) of any month may be included in the statement provided in the following month.
  5. Your subscription will start the month after next. For example, for every contract concluded in January, the subscription will start in March.
  6. Your participation in Syndicates will be administered through your Customer account, which will record all Tickets played by the Syndicate in which you participate as well as your share of any Winnings including those yet to be paid out to you. You will not have access to this account online, but will receive from us monthly statements by post instead and can at any time request the information by contacting customer service by telephone on 020 4525 3538 or by email to info@yourlottoservice.co.uk.

5. Free Lines Offer

  1. From time to time we may offer new customers the chance to try our Service without charge by participating in a Free Lines Offer.
  2. If you decide to take part in a Free Lines Offer, the following provisions will apply:
  • You register with us by contacting our call centre and by doing so you will go through the Registration procedure described above in clause 3. We will not ask for your payment details if you order Free Lines only.
  • You will participate in the National Lottery as a Member of a one-off Syndicate, specifically and exclusively created for this purpose;
  • You will receive from us an Order Confirmation containing details of the numbers selected for and played by the Syndicate, along with a copy of our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy;
  • In case your Free Lines Offer Syndicate wins any Prize and your share of Winnings is an amount above £2, we will contact you in order to arrange the Winnings pay-out. Please be aware that you must provide us with the requested information within 6 months, failing which we will be entitled to retain the funds. Note that due to the costs of bank charges, we do not process any pay-out of £2 or less
  • If a Free Lines Offer Syndicate wins a free ticket or entry to the next Draw in the National Lottery, it will participate in the next Draw but we will not be able to communicate the numbers played beforehand.
  • Please be aware that we will require proof of age prior to any pay-out.

6. Subscription Payments and Termination

  1. On Registration you are required to choose to have either your payment card or your bank account charged for your regular monthly subscription payments on an on-going basis. We store your payment card details securely with our payment service provider only and will deduct payments on a monthly basis according to the duration of your subscription. Please note that even if the operation of lottery syndicates does not classify as
  2. You will then participate in a Syndicate according to your product choice until you give notice of your wish to terminate your subscription by giving 14 days-notice to our Customer Service, either by phone or in writing by
    email at info@yourlottoservice.co.uk or to our postal address as shown in our correspondence.
  3. Your subscription has a minimum initial term of 1 month or 3 months, depending on the product you subscribe to and will terminate at the end of the calendar month in which your notice to terminate expires. For example, if you contact us to cancel your subscription 14 or more days before the end of the month, your subscription will end at the end of that month. However, if you contact us to cancel less than 14 days before the end of the month, your subscription will terminate at the end of the following month.
  4. No further payments will be taken after the subscription terminates.

7. Prizes and Payments

  1. Winnings or Prizes will be distributed in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. Subject to you complying with these Terms and Conditions, you shall be entitled to your share of the Winnings, after deduction of local
    taxes, if any.
  2. Winnings will be distributed among the Syndicates’ participants, as soon as possible after receipt of cleared funds from the Lottery Operator. Please note that when calculating your share of Winnings, we will cut them off at two decimal places. Total Winnings of over £50,000 may take longer to process. The distribution of Winnings is totally dependent upon us receiving the Winnings from the Lottery Operator.
  3. The lowest Prize typically received in respect of a winnings ticket in UK National Lottery Draws is a free entry into the next following Draw in the same Lottery. If a Lottery Syndicate in which you participate wins a free entry, we will make sure that your Syndicate plays the free entry in the next Draw. This means that, if your Syndicate has won a free entry on the Saturday Draw, this free entry will be played on the following Wednesday. Any winnings deriving from such free entries will appear in our monthly statements, however we will not be able to inform you about the numbers allocated to your Syndicate for any such free entries.
  4. Please note that monthly Winnings less than £ 2 will not be paid out to you right away, but will be credited to your Customer account and will only be paid out to you once the minimum sum of £2 has been reached. We will not process any payment to you of less than £ 2 because the bank charges we would incur in doing so are greater than this amount.
  5. Dormant Account
    If your customer account remains dormant (i.e. you do not participate in Syndicates but funds remain on deposit) for a period of six months or more we will be entitled to withdraw your Winnings. Similarly, if you have Winnings on your Customer account and you do not provide us with any valid payment details (which we will be asking for in writing) within 6 months, we will be entitled to withdraw your Winnings after a period of 6
    months. This will also apply to Winnings greater than £2.
  6. Your share of Winnings will be paid out using the same payment method you chose during Registration to pay your Fees. In case your Winnings are greater than the subscription fees, we may require you to provide additional KYC (“Know Your Customer”) information and such sums will only be paid per bank transfer to a bank account in your name.
  7. You agree to provide such additional information as we may reasonably require for this purpose
  8. At the beginning of each month, we shall credit you with your share of Winnings after having received them from the Lottery Operator and as soon as approval for winning pay outs has been granted by our independent
    auditor. We shall not be liable for any delays or failure of the payment to us of such sums, howsoever caused.
  9. To enable us to comply with anti-money laundering legislation we may require information from you before your share of any Winnings can be paid to you. We are entitled to refuse to pay any Winnings until we are in receipt of all information, we require for anti-money laundering and/or prevention of terrorist funding purposes.

8. Self-exclusion facility

  1. If you are concerned about your participation in any Syndicate, you may exclude yourself from Syndicate membership with us, by using our self-exclusion facility. To do so please contact Customer Service by telephone on 020 4525 3538 or by email to service@yourlottoservice.co.uk. All our customers have the option to voluntarily self-exclude themselves for a minimum period of 6 months or permanently. Before you self-exclude, we will provide you with a copy of our Self-exclusion Programme so that you understand the consequences of Self-exclusion
  2. By entering into a Self-exclusion agreement with us, you will be prohibited from participating in any future Syndicate for the chosen time period. We will cancel any future payments and will not knowingly permit players that have decided to self-exclude to reactivate their membership until the chosen time period has

9. Customer funds management

  1. We hold customer funds separate from company funds in dedicated Segregated accounts at Lloyds Bank plc, 25 Gresham Street, London, EC2V 7HN, registered in England and Wales No.2065. This specific type of account is available for the purpose of holding client funds only. For further information on this matter,
    please refer to the segregated account Terms and Conditions available on Lloyds Bank Homepage.
    These provisions mean that steps have been taken to protect customer funds, however there is no absolute guarantee that all funds will be repaid in case of insolvency.

10. Complaints Policy

  1. If you have a complaint about any aspect of our Services, please contact our Customer Service at info@yourlottoservice.co.uk or call us, 020 4525 3538 (during office hours)
  2. We will handle your complaint in accordance with our Complaints Policy and aim to provide you with a substantive response as soon as practically possible and seek to resolve your complaint within four weeks from the date we receive it.
  3. Depending on the complexity of your complaint, our investigation may take longer than four weeks, in which case we will ensure that we will write to you explaining the reasons for the delay and when we expect to be able to provide you with our final response..
  4. For any further details about our procedures, a copy of our Complaints Policy is available on our Homepage or alternatively may be requested to our Customer Service at any time.

11.Responsible Gambling

  1. We maintain a strong commitment to provide all our players with a responsible gambling environment.
  2. We have implemented a comprehensive Responsible Gambling Policy; a shortened version can be found on our homepage.

12. Our Liability

  1. We will endeavour to ensure that the Services are available to you as much as is reasonably possible, but we cannot and do not guarantee that: (i) our Services will be available at any specific time or for any specific period; or (ii) that the features, functionality or performance of our Services will meet your requirements.
  2. We shall not be liable for any loss, costs, expenses or damages, in each case whether direct, indirect, special, consequential, incidental or otherwise, arising in relation your participation in any Syndicate, including but limited to any failure on our part to enter a Syndicate into any Draw or resulting from the non-payment of any Prize or Winnings arising from any Draw by the Lottery Operator.

13. Law and Jurisdiction

  1. These Terms, and our relationship with you shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.
  2. Services will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

14. Our status

  1. We are a Lottery Syndicate Organiser.
    We do not promote a Lottery and are not Lottery promoters.
    This is not a gambling product and therefore doesn’t require a licence from the Gambling Commission.
  2. We are not and do not need to be regulated by the Financial Services Authority; a Syndicate does not amount to joining a collective investment scheme.
  3. We reserve the right without prior notice or liability, to arrange for Syndicates to participate in an alternative Draw of the same licensed Lottery, other than or in addition to those specified in our communication with you.
  4. YOURLOTTOSERVICE UK LIMITED is registered in England and Wales under the company number 10104456.

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