Interview after the 2021 South Coast Challenge

Interview after the 2021 South Coast Challenge

Rising to meet a challenge of your own to make life better for others

beautiful scenery during the South Coast Challenge

Five months ago, we publicized Yourlottoservice’s commitment to support Lymphoma Action – and also featured the South Coast Challenge. This charity run is just one of many different charity events that are of great importance for funding social projects for disadvantaged people. We will support Lymphoma Action once again this year, that much is already certain – after all, last year we managed to raise £1607.43 for projects to help people suffering from anxiety disorders.

Kathy and Simon Walker in particular, who took part in the South Coast Challenge on our behalf and raised a lot of money in the process, played a major role in this positive result. We would like to share their experience with you, because the two of them leave no doubt that while this run is not something that will appeal to your average couch potato – it is not only financially worthwhile to challenge yourself now and again.

Interview with Kathy Walker after the 2021 South Coast Challenge

YLS: Tell me, what is it like to get to the starting line, highly motivated, and then maybe realise during the day that it will be tougher than you anticipated?

Kathy: At the start, I didn’t realise what was ahead, the atmosphere was great. It was fun taking part in the pre-walk warm-up, listening to others around, and noting all the charities that would benefit.

South Coast Challenge - off we go

What pushed you most during the day, the challenge from a physical/sports perspective, the donations or maybe a bit of anxiety knowing that friends and family would not want you to give up?

I just needed to finish, at one point I could have stopped, but with only 5 km left, and being advised that there were no more hills up ahead, I just put my head down and pushed on. I knew my family would be meeting up later that evening and I wanted to make them super proud.

You mentioned sunshine, beautiful views – towards the end of the walk, can you still take in all of that or is finishing the utmost priority?

Absolutely, you still have time to take it in, although I’m sure that I also missed some of it, too.

What would your recommendation be for others who are thinking of taking part in the next South Coast Challenge?

Prepare, prepare, prepare, it’s not a walk in the park. It’s challenging both physically and mentally. And remember to stop and think about the charities that benefit.

South Coast Challenge - not a stroll in the park

Is there some kind of special atmosphere that combines social/community involvement with sports when you take part in such a challenge? And what was your impression of the other participants?

I think that because of the current coronavirus situation and the fact that previous events had been cancelled, this added to how special the event was. There are people from all walks of life, from the fittest, most dedicated, some ran the full 100 km, to those who were there to challenge themselves. As previously mentioned, the number of different charities that would be benefitting was amazing.

South Coast Challenge - finisher

For people in the UK, has the willingness to donate changed over the years? Not only looking at right now with Covid, but maybe you also have a general view on that?

I believe it has, especially during COVID, as we are aware of how the charities can help. With Lymphoma Action, the information I have gained from what they can advise is priceless.

And that is more than enough reason for us to get involved once again. How about you?

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