Lottery Rolldown: What Comes Down Must Go Up

Lottery Rolldown: What Comes Down Must Go Up

How the rolldown rule can increase your chances of winning

What does actually happen when the jackpot is not won? Where does all the money in the pot go, who gets it when and how? Or might the pot not be won at all?

No, don’t worry, a lottery jackpot will never just disappear, and especially not when there’s a rolldown!

After all, in contrast to a rollover, when the winnings that are not paid out are simply added to the next draw, the players who missed out on the jackpot – i.e. the other prize tiers – will benefit from the rolldown. And that significantly increases a player’s chances of getting a big win.

This applies for all lotteries in which the rules of the game specify that the jackpot is not allowed to increase further and must be paid out at a certain point.

Are there different types of rolldowns?

Yes, there are. And here is a brief explanation of the differences.

In some lotteries, the entire jackpot amount goes to the winners with fewer correct numbers. While in others only the amount above the limit of the jackpot is passed on.

Either way, both lottery regulations aim to increase the winnings of the lower prize tier(s) in the interests of many, instead of perhaps giving a very big prize to just one person.

Do all lotteries have a rolldown?

No, not every lottery has rolldowns because every lottery has its own rules.

Some lotteries have a jackpot limit, for example, so that the big win can only increase up to a specified amount. And as soon as this limit is reached, the winnings in all tiers below increase proportionately. Or the amount in full goes straight to some of the lower winning tiers.

In other lotteries, there is a rollover limit so that the jackpot in the National Lottery, for example, cannot increase indefinitely and must be paid out.

Anyone playing UK Lotto has been benefiting from the roll downs since November 2020 even more so than ever before.

New chances to win with the National Lottery rolldown

Did you match only two of the main numbers drawn in the lottery on any particular date? In that case, a National Lottery rolldown means that you’ve still won an extra bonus of £ 5. And that in addition to the obligatory Lotto Lucky Dip prize.

This rolldown is played out after four rollover draws in the fifth draw, which is then a “must-be-won” draw. Any money that is left in the pot after the pay-out to the “two” matches will be paid out to all the other players with 3, 4 or 5 “correct” numbers or the Bonus Ball in addition to the already guaranteed prize. This means ALL PRIZE TIERS from Match 2 to Match 5 plus the Bonus Ball can expect to receive a boost in their prize money.

As a result, the new regulation for the rolldown pay-out promises the chance of a significantly higher prize for the many customers of Yourlottoservice. Why is that? Because Yourlottoservice plays lotto exclusively in British Lotteries.

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