Jackpot Lotto Rolldown in the National Lottery: Why You Should Play on That Day

Jackpot Lotto Rolldown in the National Lottery: Why You Should Play on That Day

The Lotto rolldown draw has already boosted the take-home winnings of many individuals. But would it be to your advantage to play on that day? Find out why it can work for you. 

There’s some big news you have probably already heard: UK National Lottery ‘Must be Won’ draws have changed from the 7th of November 2020, and this means that winners of Match 2 will receive a share of the jackpot once the rolldown occurs.

Way back in August, the National Lottery announced that the prize structure would undergo certain changes and alterations, particularly for ‘Must be Won’ draws. Before these changes, the jackpot was split in between all the individuals who matched a minimum of three numbers if there were no winners for Match 6.

Anyone who matches two numbers will still receive a Lucky Dip for free, which happens in standard draws. But from November 7th, winners of Match 2 will also get £5 more as a bonus with their free ticket if there is a Lotto rolldown.

Once a rolldown happens, the fixed prize of £5 will then be paid out to winners of Match 2 first. A percentage of the leftover money will then be allocated and distributed to the other tiers, and the fund for each of these tiers will be divided between the winners.

Why is this new structure including Lotto Rolldown being implemented?

The answer is simple: so you can have a chance to get a bigger prize when you match a minimum of three numbers. Plus you also have the chance to get £5 along with a Lucky Dip just for matching two numbers.

Now the big question is: should you play Lotto on the day of a rolldown?

What is the Must Be Won draw?

A Must Be Won draw is a special and unique event where the jackpot will be rolled down if no one can match all the six main numbers in the National Lottery.

The National Lottery jackpot is always guaranteed to be won, so the amount of the prize can be a lot bigger than normal for thousands of National Lottery players at one time.

Why you should play on a rolldown

As you already know, rolldowns occur once the jackpot has already rolled over multiple times, and the prize must be won.

With the new changes, any person who can match even just two numbers on the rolldown draw will receive £5 – plus the Lucky Dip so they can play once more for free. If you match numbers, then your prize will increase. It’s that simple – and it’s so simple that it works.

So the answer as to whether or not you should play on that day is: yes.

Why the rolldown works – and how you can figure out when to play

The National Lottery introduced the rolldown feature in November of 2018, and it has already proven to be quite popular with numerous players. The fact is, a lot of players have already benefitted from the rolldown feature because it boosts prizes.

As already mentioned, the Must Be Won draw will be held once the jackpot of the Lottery has rolled over a total of five times. In the next draw, the top jackpot has to be won, and so it is then rolled down so it can be shared among other winners.

Why has the National Lottery launched this feature? To make more players happy. Meaning, there will be more regular winners of the top prize, even if there are no tickets that have met the usual criteria for winning (which is to match all six main numbers).

You should play after the 5th draw with no Match 6 winner because by the 6th draw, the prize must be won.

Must Be Won draws are also scheduled for special occasions and events or to mark special dates like Christmas. On these occasions, the jackpot is further increased regardless of how much it was in the draw prior.

Never miss out on any draw – rolldown or not

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