Would – or Should – You Quit Your Job if You Won the Lottery?

Would – or Should – You Quit Your Job if You Won the Lottery?

Quit your job if you won the lottery – would you? Well, first of all you’d have to play lotto at all.

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The lottery is a game played by millions around the world. And most people in the UK know that if they want to take home some massive winnings, they should play either the EuroMillions lottery or the National Lottery – or both.

These lotteries have already enabled thousands of fortunate individuals to secure the life they have always wanted and dreamed of. And if you ever win the lottery yourself, you may already have your plans for your winnings as well.

For many, winning the lottery could mean purchasing their dream home or dream car, taking a trip around the globe, and more.

But honestly, would you really quit your job if you won the lottery?

For some of us, this is a ready answer for winning the huge prize. But is it the answer for you as well? If you have been lucky enough to win the EuroMillions or National Lottery jackpot, would – or should – you quit your job? Here, your top questions are answered on why you shouldn’t up and quit your job as soon as you win the lottery.

It lets you remain anonymous

When you win the lottery, do you want everyone in your entire neighbourhood or vicinity to know about it? Our guess is no.

The thing with winning the lottery is that the news can spread like wildfire. If your aim is to claim your winnings anonymously, then you shouldn’t try to attract attention by quitting your day job. More simply put, if you decide to leave your job out of the blue, this could easily set off alarm bells. And that not just in your place of work, but also in your community.

By the way: A lottery syndicate at work can also be a good idea, and we’ve put some basic info together on this topic.

Everyone will be wondering why you have just suddenly quit. And nothing exacerbates the problem more than you going on a total spending spree and enjoying lavish purchases. Your friends, neighbours, co-workers, and even acquaintances can be left wondering about your newfound wealth. And this can strain your existing relationships with people and cause unnecessary friction and hassle.

If you don’t want this in your life, it’s best to go on as usual – which means not quitting your job.

You don’t abandon other people when they need you the most

Even if you’ve won the fortune of a lifetime, it can result in lots of resentment and anger towards your person if you suddenly quit your job without warning and essentially abandon other people when they need you the most.

If you are thinking of leaving and only consider the people you hate working with, how about the people you love working and being with every single day?

They may feel hurt and upset when you leave, and they may even end up picking up the slack in your workplace. In the end, you not quitting your job shows respect for the people that matter.

You can still feel a good sense of accomplishment

While winning the lottery can transform your life, it isn’t something you worked for. It is merely a lucky incident, not something that you have striven to attain all your life.

It’s different from your job, in other words. Your job is something that you are skilled at. It is what you do. If you retain your job, you will still feel that sense of accomplishment that comes with it. And even if you hate your job and would like to focus on a new career path or sideline, then you now have the means to do so.  

It allows you to make reasonable decisions

Here’s the thing – winning a few million pounds sounds like such a big deal. But if you spend it on a house, a car, a holiday, new furniture, things for your family and children, and what-not, it can all quickly add up.

You will be set for life, that’s true. But with all your expenses, you will still be glad of your monthly pay, and you can make more reasonable decisions with the money you have won.

Lottery Syndicates to get you going

When playing lotto in a syndicate, you will increase your chances of winning something at all. While this might mean you’d have to share a big win with other syndicate members, it is a lot better than having a tiny win (or no win at all) to yourself.

There’s no need to quit your job if you won the lottery, however, you could if you wanted to. And to get you started, we at Your Lotto Service are ready to take your call and talk about the most suitable syndicate for you.

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