Top Advantages of a Lottery Syndicate

Top Advantages of a Lottery Syndicate

Here are your top advantages of a lottery syndicate. Plus an explanation of why a lower stake can mean greater chances of winning.

The larger the number of people looking after themselves (their group), the greater the chances of reaching a goal that is difficult to reach for an individual. At the same time, togetherness and pleasure in life are increasingly left behind. Is it worth it?

There are plenty of examples, and if you think about it the lottery is no different. Play alone and you probably have your sights set on an exclusive, giant jackpot. But if you play in a group, you have far more chances of winning a large sum. In a group, the risks – and risk is a part of every game – do not have to be shouldered alone.

The top advantages of a lottery syndicate

Advantage #1: sharing is caring – and winning

The fundamental principles of a syndicate are sharing and profiting. A syndicate is a group of players who bet together – and are much more likely to win than a single player. The more tickets purchased, the greater the chance of a winner.

Advantage #2: Play more often for the same budget

The second advantage of a lottery syndicate is obvious: the more players in the group, the cheaper the stake becomes. This lets you play and win much more often for the same budget over the course of the year.

It is the ideal solution for anyone who plays the lottery with a system: disciplined and only taking the risk that suits their character. And we’re not even talking about the odds of winning the lottery when playing in a syndicate.

Shared joy is double the joy. Don’t be afraid of small fish – the winnings are, of course, divided by the number of players. However, the huge pools in the National Lottery and EuroMillions are so big that if you win, you can look forward to a sizeable chunk.

Advantage #3: You are not alone

Number three of the advantages of a lottery syndicate has nothing to do with cash. Instead, it’s being part of a group of friends, family, co-workers, club members. Playing together is simply more fun. You talk to each other, look forward to winning together and share your disappointment if it didn’t work out.

Just like joy and pleasurable anticipation, disappointment is part of any game. Always remember that others may deal with emotions differently.

It is always an advantage if you know the people with whom you are chasing good fortune. Naturally, this is easiest in a family group, comprised of the people you are closest to. At the same time, we all know that it can sometimes be a little difficult to reach a consensus with your nearest and dearest.

Good friends are the spice of life, without them life would be so much poorer. They can also be literally enriching, for example when playing in a syndicate. That said, good friends should remain good friends, even if your winnings didn’t come through. It makes sense to look closely and check that everyone shares the same ideas about winning and losing.

So what about co-workers? In any syndicate it makes sense to keep the group reasonably small. For example, your department at work, or the colleagues you share rooms with on the same floor of the office. Mutual trust is a major consideration, as is sticking to your tier or part of the corporate hierarchy and your partners in everyday office life. Leaving your boss out of the group is common sense, not a sign of disrespect.

Advantage #4: A professionally run lottery syndicate does it all for you

And what do you do if you want to play in a syndicate but don’t know the right people? Or prefer not to try unusual activities with family, friends or colleagues because you are afraid of doing something wrong?

The answer to this is to join a professionally run syndicate that allows you to play with people you will never meet in real life. With the reassurance that everything is managed fairly by one company. Professionals that have done it for years.

Join a syndicate – we’re here for you

Whichever way you look at it, a lottery syndicate has obvious advantages. And unless you are rather on your own, the benefits are undeniable.

By the way, ensuring your data is safe and secure with us is one of our most important goals. That’s why we do not accept any bookings online. You can join our syndicates by phone and thus give online scammers and unauthorized persons no chance of seizing your stake or profit.

Use the advantages of a lottery syndicate and give us a call today, or send us a short message and we will call you back.

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