The Top Five Ways to Increase Your Odds of Winning the Lottery

The Top Five Ways to Increase Your Odds of Winning the Lottery

This article focuses on increasing your odds of winning the lottery. You will find our best tips and advice in order to get a winning edge in the EuroMillions lottery and National Lottery. It also includes information on what you should do and what you should avoid. And how you can really make it work for you.

The jackpot for EuroMillions has reached record numbers ever since its inception. If you have been a follower of EuroMillions for years, then you know very well how successful this lottery has been. And will always be.

At one point, the highest jackpot amount for the EuroMillions lottery stood at a whopping £169 million – £169million! If a resident of the United Kingdom were to win, they would tremendously change their lives.

Huge jackpots – but are you likely to win it?

As you may also know, the biggest win for a UK resident is at an astounding £161 million. The very fortunate individuals who brought home this winning jackpot were Chris and Colin Weir way back in 2011. But as you may also know all too well, winning the EuroMillions lottery – and National Lottery, as it were – is mostly down to luck. If you consider yourself a fairly lucky individual in many respects, then all you have to do is keep playing until you win it big.

EuroMillions Lottery - by pixabay
EuroMillions Lottery – by pixabay

But is it really just about that?

While we can all agree that both the EuroMillions lottery and the National Lottery are based mostly on random numbers and picks, there’s still a good chance of you enhancing your luck by doing certain things.

Increase your odds of winning the lottery? Really?

So what are these things that you can do so you can gain an edge in winning the EuroMillions or National Lottery? Increase your odds of winning the lottery?

Here are the top five ways you can increase your odds of winning the lottery.

1. Don’t be afraid to bunch up your number choices

While you may be tempted to choose your numbers evenly – meaning having them spread out neatly across your ticket – this won’t really help your numbers get chosen. At the same time: that’s what most people do.

You can bunch your chosen numbers and choose a group close together. Most people don’t do that, and in case of those numbers being drawn you are likely to have the big win all for yourself.

2. Don’t limit your chosen numbers to special dates, anniversaries, etc.

Here’s another thing: many people have their preferred numbers with which to play. These numbers often use their birthday or someone’s birthday, a special date, an anniversary, and so on.

But while you may think that your special ‘dates’ matter (and they do to you and your special someone, of course), they don’t matter when it comes to the National Lottery and EuroMillions. That being said, try to choose numbers that go beyond the dates of the calendar. In other words, go beyond 30 or 31.

There’s a simple logic behind this, which we just explained: most individuals will choose a special date, so they end up picking numbers under 30 or 31. This strategy (to go beyond 31) turns out to be more effective if you don’t want to end up sharing your winnings with a good number of other people.

Just for info: We have written an article about the most popular lottery numbers chosen.

 3. Don’t go for the numbers picked last week

Many individuals also have the mistaken impression that the numbers picked in last week’s draw will be picked again, but this is a common error.

Statistically speaking, the chances that the same numbers will be selected are very low indeed, so you’re better off sticking with other random numbers.

4. Seek help from a lottery syndicate

Lottery syndicates abound, and they’re there to help you increase your winning chances, not just at EuroMillions, but the National Lottery as well.

A lottery syndicate allows you to play every single week and not miss any draw. A professional lottery syndicate organizer, like Yourlottoservice, will arrange it all for you. Being part of a syndicate will increase your chances of winning as there are more numbers with which you can play. For some more information on what a lottery syndicate is all about please have a look at this article here.

If you’re playing in a lottery syndicate the total numbers you will play will increase dramatically. If any of these numbers win, you will win as well.

It’s that simple – and it works.

If you’re still wondering whether playing the National Lottery or EuroMillions in a syndicate is a good idea, then you might find these lines very helpful.

5. Make sure your numbers are balanced

As already mentioned, it pays to have numbers all bunched up together and not spread too evenly. Having said that, funnily enough it also pays to make sure your numbers are balanced.

What does that mean?

Once you choose your numbers, add them up and ensure that their sum is a total between 90 to 160. Why? Because numbers within this interval often account for more than 70% of the five-number successful sets of EuroMillions.

Conclusion – think about it!

Looking at the above, it might just very well pay off to have a think about a more strategic approach to playing the lottery.

The easiest way to go about this is to set up or join a syndicate. If you’re thinking of joining one, Yourlottoservice might just be the right choice – and solution – for you. Don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us a message, and together we’ll find out what might suit you best.

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