The Top Mistakes You Should Avoid When Playing Lotto

The Top Mistakes You Should Avoid When Playing Lotto

Are there any mistakes you should avoid when playing lotto? This is a question we’ll have a look at in this article.

The magical appeal of the lottery has never waned – in fact, it is stronger than ever. More individuals are jumping on the bandwagon, so to speak, and taking their chance at winning the lottery.

EuroMillions Lottery - (pic by pixabay)
EuroMillions Lottery – (pic by pixabay)

You never know when you might strike it big and get that reward you’ve always been dreaming of. But whether you have been playing the lottery – specifically the EuroMillions lottery or the National Lottery – for years or are just a beginning enthusiast, you probably have a particular way of doing it, too.

Many of us, for example, have our chosen numbers. And we can be downright superstitious when it comes to the numbers we choose. Some of us like to purchase a certain number of lottery tickets. Others live by keeping themselves updated on various trends and happenings in the lottery world – including how much jackpot there is to be won in either the National Lottery or the EuroMillions lottery.
As a side note, as of this writing the next jackpot for the National Lottery is at a whopping £4 million, while the next prize for the EuroMillions is at an even higher £99 million.

Are there any mistakes you should avoid when playing lotto?

But whatever trend or pattern or method you follow, there are certain things you should avoid as well. Unfortunately, there are some common mistakes when playing lotto that are best for anyone to avoid. And avoiding these mistakes can mean the difference between bringing home a big win and trying your luck again next time.

So, what are these top errors, then?

Here are the top mistakes you should avoid when playing lotto.

1. Not paying attention to smaller jackpots

Yes, we may all have our eye on the big prize. But while the big prize is definitely attractive, you shouldn’t lose sight of smaller prizes, either. In other words, try not to focus on just the huge jackpot. Pay attention to smaller jackpots as well.

Remember that once the jackpot reaches a specific range, you have to compete against more players. And here is the thing – even if you do beat the odds and end up winning, you are more likely to end up sharing it with more people as well.

2. Assuming that your chosen numbers will always be lucky

Have you ever wondered why, among lottery winnings, the jackpot tends to be shared by numerous people? The reason is simple: it is because many of us tend to choose – and stick to – the same ‘lucky’ numbers. We tend to stand by chosen numbers because they have a special meaning to us, for example. Or they’ve allowed us to win in the past. And people, even unconsciously, tend to go for the same numbers over and over again.

One particularly popular number is number seven. Others opt for the reverse ‘lucky’ number, picking a number such as 13.

But the most common numbers are those between 1 to 31 because they fall within the calendar, and most of us pick numbers based on birthdays and anniversaries. With so many individuals taking their pick from the limited range of 1 to 31, it is hardly surprising to see lottery prizes shared between numerous winners.  

All this being said, whether you’re joining a lottery syndicate (which has proven to be very beneficial since it allows you to increase your chances of winning), or playing on your own, remember: be clever with your number choices and don’t always base it on ‘special’ numbers that mean something to you.

3. Get expert assistance from a lottery syndicate

As mentioned, lottery syndicates can be of great help if you want to increase your winning chances. You don’t have to miss any draw and can play with a group, which gives you more numbers with more chances of being picked.
A short explanation of what a lottery syndicate is all about you can find in this article.

In the lottery, you need all the help you can get – and having a lottery syndicate by your side undoubtedly counts.

4. Choosing your numbers based on patterns

Another common mistake made by many is choosing their numbers based on patterns.

When we say patterns, we mean looking at their ticket and drawing various shapes based on visual or numerical patterns. Keep in mind that there is no logical basis for the use of patterns for choosing your numbers.

As a matter of fact, if you use this kind of system, it can increase the likelihood of you having to share your winnings with more people.

Play lottery and avoid those mistakes

Looking at the mistakes you should avoid when playing lotto, have you ticked one or the other with “yep, done that”? Well, we have certainly looked at those mistakes as well and wo do avoid them – every single one.

Yourlottoservice is a professional lottery syndicate operator. We offer various packages from which you can choose, and our team is happy to talk you through all of them to find the right one for you. Simply give us a call to find out more.

By the way, just in case you were wondering if there really are any advantages of playing in a lottery syndicate – then here’s another article for you to read.

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